Kids know how to move

While some might say my 3 year old son is a natural athlete (you should see what he can do on a scooter!), others would argue that kids naturally know how to move. They are not trained, they are not taught. And yet they do things the "right" way from the time they are babies. They develop strength and they use it to their maximum ability. 

The pictures of my son below show him jumping from a step to a BOSU ball to the ground. This would be a tough drill for most people. And I certainly wouldn't recommend doing it in flip flops! But look how well he takes off and lands. The knees are bent when he takes off to create more power, and they are bent when he lands, to absorb shock.

It's when we get older that we start to develop poor patterns. So that by the time people reach adulthood, they stoop to pick things up off the floor instead of squatting. They slouch in their chairs at work. If we could continue to use the same strategies we do as kids, we would have less injuries.