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See what past patients have said about us...

“Whatever you did, you made my pain go away. I can’t thank you enough.” D.R.

“I'm beside myself. I have my body and self back. I feel interesting again--I can participate in the things I love.” K.K.

"I was very aware of the limitations with my shoulder and would unconsciously move in unnatural ways to avoid the pain during routine activities. After physical therapy my range of motion has drastically increased and the discomfort in my shoulder has diminished to almost nothing. With continued adherence to the exercises prescribed, I am confident that my situation will continue to improve." M.M.

"Prior to Go Beyond, my surgically repaired rotator cuff was sore, inflamed, and weak. My physical therapist (Korey Pieper) led me through a very trying process and recovery with tremendous knowledge and caring support. I have and will continue to recommend Go Beyond to anyone. On a scale of 1-10, Go Beyond is a 10!" J.C.

"Prior to physical therapy I had constant neck and shoulder pain. After a few treatments the pain was much reduced. Now, after 4 months of therapy my neck pain is occasional and my shoulder pain is a lot less. I am pleased that I am making steady improvements and very happy that my neck does not hurt!" A.C.

"After injuring my knee I was in pain for any movement. I was wearing a knee brace and the knee was wrapped. I had removed the brace before starting PT, but still needed the ACE bandage wrap all the time. Now I am back to normal (knee might get a little tired or sore if I am very active all day). I feel that PT has not only helped me heal; but has also given me tips to avoid falls and feel stronger. A very positive experience. And my physical therapist was terrific! In fact everyone from the front desk on back was very nice." S.D.

"Before starting PT I felt like I couldn't anticipate when my back would hurt, why it was aching, and how to prevent it from breaking down.  After working with my physical therapist, I have exercises and know-how to prevent injuries and help them heal faster, if and when a flare-up does occur. Thanks!" A.I.

"Before coming here I was recovering from surgery and in a lot of pain. The exercise regimen I learned here has been very helpful and definitely doable at home. I follow the recommended routine daily. It is definitely invigorating. Now I need to work on my stamina and on developing more confidence so my fear of falling will diminish. My PT has definitely been very positive and patient with my progress." M.H.

"I felt wretched and largely crippled. In pain, very worried, incapacitated. Felt like an old person. Now: 95% back to normal. Very optimistic. Now I feel like a younger, wiser person!" J.L.